Debuting a new series, Post Truth employs George Byrne's distinctive visual language to reassemble the American urban landscape into striking, ascetic collages of colour and geometric form. His work dwells in the liminal space between real and imagined in a time when the concept of truth is being challenged and redefined in America and abroad. 

Through this series, Byrne pushes his artistic practice into new territory, melding two different schools of creativity: documentary photography and abstract painterly composition. The images stand as authentic portraits of urban sprawl, however, they are also abstract in their intention - based on a true story but open to interpretation.

Harnessing the flexible veracity of the photographic medium, Byrne extends his practice beyond the confines of the lens by extracting photographic material from multiple images to assemble new semi-fictional landscapes from multiple perspectives, like a cubist painting. 

Born in Sydney in 1976, Byrne graduated from Sydney College Of The Arts in 2001, travelled extensively, and then settled in Los Angeles in 2010 where he has been focusing on his photographic practice.

Byrne started using Instagram as a visual scrapbook in 2013, his gallery (@george_byrne) has evolved to become an important and popular extension of his broader art practice.