Sydney artist Matt Bromhead describes his works as quips or one-liners – heralding both their playfulness and deceptive simplicity. Presenting as minimal gestures, his surfaces open up over time and reveal the numerous layers of material that comprise each image. He uses reductionist, low fidelity production methods as a display of economy – interested in making use of what is at hand. Bromhead works between two and three-dimensions and often pulls elements out of his drawings on paper and board to shape found-object sculptures. Here, the artist demonstrates a resourcefulness with his studio practice, spiriting ready-made materials with small, deliberate interventions. Formally, these works are explorations of space itself, and are concerned most prominently with logics of weight and placement.

Bromhead's work has been selected for numerous awards and prizes including the Dobell Drawing Prize (2021), the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize (2020), Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award (Highly Commended 2019, 2017) and The Paddington Art Prize (2018). Bromhead has participated in residencies both nationally and internationally including the Kedewatan Studio Residency (inaugural recipient, 2019), Umbi Gumbi Artist Residency (2019), CAMAC Studio Residency, Marnay-sur-Seine, France (2017), the Hill End Artist Residency (2015), and the Bundanon Trust Studio Residency (2015, 2014, 2013).