OLSEN GRUIN | 9 New Galleries That Opened in New York City in 2017

OLSEN GRUIN has been listed in HYPERALLEGRIC‘s article, 9 New Galleries That Opened in New York City in 2017.

Don’t focus on the closings. Three cheers for new galleries!

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Olsen Gruin | Best New Art Spaces to Visit This Fall

Congratulations OLSEN GRUIN on being featured as one of the best new art spaces to visit this fall.

Opened in New York’s Nolita neighborhood in March 2017, this gallery is a collaboration between Tim Olsen, a former Sydney-based gallerist, Emerald Gruin and her partner, Adrian, who were previously involved with Rox Gallery that shuttered its Lower East Side space in 2014. Their roster of artists includes some of Australia’s biggest contemporary exports, including TV Moore, George Byrne and Leila Jeffreys, along with American artists such as KOAK. Their venue is also a platform for contemporary Aboriginal artists to reach U.S. markets, and they recently held a group show organized by Adam Knight, vice president of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, featuring 15 artists. The gallery is presenting new works by Sydney-born, L.A.-based photographer George Byrne this fall.

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OLSEN GRUIN | Art Zealous

Meet the Australians Shaking Up New York’s Art Scene

“It is important to me that we create an institution that is accessible for the art going public. Too many galleries in New York deliberately foster an intimidating and inaccessible front to the general public.” – Emerald Gruin of Olsen Gruin gallery.

Olsen Gruin gallery first opened its doors on the Lower East Side less than a year ago. Since then, it has already outgrown its original space and is relocating to a new gallery space on Orchard St. that is three times the size of the current location. Olsen Gruin Gallery is the collaborative venture of Tim Olsen and Emerald and Adrian Gruin.

To read the full interview with Emerald Gruin click here.

Olsen Gruin will be operating at both locations through the summer. Sharing Country, curated by Adam Knight,will be on view at the Orchard St. location through August 10th. Wesley Martin Berg & Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri will be on view at the Orchard St location as well until September 10th. Alphachanneling (Summer Show) will be on view at the Elizabeth St. location through August 31st.

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