OLSEN gallery would like to congratulate Laura Jones. Laura Jones was recently named the feature artist for Dumbo Feather’s climate change issues, in which she speaks about her time as an artist-in-residence at the Australian Museum Lizard Island Research Station.

The article features Laura’s diary entries, where she documents her up-close experience of the Great Barrier Reef’s changing conditions. The feature also includes a podcast from their series That Time When, “where we chat with people about moments big or small that changed the course of their lives.

“Laura brings to life her experience of witnessing the Great Barrier Reef’s changing conditions, how she learnt to use her art as a form of activism and how she worked alongside science to interpret and bring attention to the problems that our planet is facing”.

Below are links to both the article and the podcast.

Laura Jones—a diary of a changing reef

That Time When…I Used my Art as Activism



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