Nic Fiddian-Green | Tatler

“Where once landscapes designed by Capability Brown were the signifier of wealth and taste, now parkland is nothing without a Fiddian-Green horse’s head towering above it.” – Violet Hudson, Tatler

Since first seeing the 5th century BC Horse of Selene as a student at the British Museum, Nic Fiddian-Green has spent his life devoted to perfecting his craft as a master sculptor, capturing the beauty of the horse. In this interview in his Surrey studio with Violet Hudson for Tatler Home, Fiddian-Green talks about his obsession with the horse figure, his many commissions and his monumental sculpture at Marble Arch.

“Despite these illustrious patrons, Eton-educated Nic is as down to earth as a limbo dancer. In his studio, there is no team of scurrying assistants – just him, his chisel and his blowtorch. He looks like a farmer as he strides around in his waxed jacket and flat cap, adjusting a pin here, smoothing some clay there – with Led Zeppelin playing at full volume.” – Violet Hudson, Tatler


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