31 May 2017

Olsen Gallery

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Opening reception: Saturday 3 June 2-4pm
Exhibition: 3 – 17 June 2017
OLSEN Annexe, 74 Queen St, Woollahra NSW 2025

The OLSEN Annexe is pleased to announce Color Field, an exhibition of new work by Australian photographer George Byrne.

Based in LA, George Byrne continues his photography practice; editing and documenting the streets with his unique vision. In Byrne's hands a stairwell is not a stairwell but a construct of colour, surface and texture. Street-front facades become simulacras of buildings and signposts, hedges and parking bollards. The depth in Byrne's work arises from a nuanced interplay of color, texture, surface, shape and line.

Informed by both painting and photography, viewers often recognise the influences of Jeffrey Smart and David Hockney, before those of Stephen Shore and Lewis Baltz. Each work presents compositional exercises and colour meditations. Byrne captures with ease the paradox of photography, we willingly participate in these moments of reduced and yet expanded time.

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