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Save the date

Sydney Magazine
Elissa Blake
30 July 2013

Painter, sculptor and installation artist Anthony Lister's art practice straddles two worlds. The first is the shadowy world of street art, of which he is an acknowledged master among those in the know. The second is that of London's white-cube art galleries, where he's regarded as one of the most sought-after young artists after being named among Australian Art Collector magazine's "Top 50 Most Collectable" list in 2010 and 2011. Originally from Brisbane, Lister grew up immersed in skateboard culture and, like his friend Banksy, he makes a point of leaving large-scale artworks in public spaces when he visits a city.

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Paul Ryan 'Wild Colonial Boys' at Olsen Irwin

July 15th, 2013

Ryan, who has been nominated 10 times for the Archibald Prize, as well as several nominations for the Wynne and Sulman Prize, is one of Australia’s most prominent painters, having had regular solo exhibitions since 1988. He was the winner of the 2010 Paddington Art Prize for landscape.

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Life, captured

Australian Financial Review
Lisa Carapiet-Fanous
June 7 2013

Paul Davies is not interested in painting people. Instead, architecture and landscapes are the stars of his work, but that doesn’t mean his paintings lack life.

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Beaux Arts

Vogue Living
June 2013

After a three month residency at Paris's Cite Internationale des Arts, Sydney-based artist Paul Davies is returning to Australia with a new exhibition. Davies used stencil and other techniques to create Flattening Sublime, a series of studies of Le Corbusier's modernist icon Villa Savoye in Poissy, France. Olsen Irwin Gallery, Woollahra NSW 5-23 June;

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Smoking Guns

Sydney Morning Herald
John McDonald
Saturday 7th December 2012

... John Walker, showing at the Tim Olsen Gallery, is not to be confused with John R. Walker, who recently had an impressive show of landscape paintings at Utopia Art. This John Walker is an Englishman who was formerly the head of the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne, and now lives and works in Boston.

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John Walker's Licentious Landscape

Art Info
Nicholas Forrest
December 6 2012

After the sell-out show of works by American painter Jan Franks, Tim Olsen Gallery has managed to latch on to the work of another incredible international artist in the form of English Born, American based abstractionist John Walker.

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Right Now Art - Colour Block

Belle Magazine
Anne Maree Sargeant
Nov 2012

Stephen Ormandy's work is reminiscent of art icon John Coburns' though his use of colour and form (left) has become as identifiable as a signature. Stephen, who co-founded Dinosaur Designs with Louise Olsen and Liane Rossler while the trio were still art student,s will follow up his 2010 sell-out exhibition with another show at Sydney's Tim Olsen Gallery from November 7-25.

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A Burst of Colour

A Magazine
24 October 2012

Marisa Purcell's exhibition at the Tim Olsen Gallery in Woollahra, is on until the 4th of November. Her works could be described on the one hand, as mesmerising in their style, and on the other hand the colours are wonderfully vibrant and fresh.

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The Art Life
Andrew Frost
October 12 2012

In Marisa Purcell’s latest show everything you need to know is in its title. Across a series of large canvases acrylic and oil paints coalesce in great pools of colour, delicate interactions and mergers of paint, all abstract but rich with possible association.

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The Next Cy Twombly? First, Jan Frank Paints for Australia and Tim Olsen Gallery

Art Info
Nicholas Forrest
October 3 2012

Amsterdam born, New York based artist Jan Frank isn’t shy about the fact that he believes he is the next Cy Twombly and is continuing the tradition of his favourite artist Mondrian.  Luckily for Frank, his confidence in himself is not at all misplaced.  Both his personality and his work inspire the sort of admiration and respect that justify his self-belief.

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Marisa Purcell: Halo

Art Alamanac
Jillian Grant
October 1 2012

Ethereality is inherent in Marisa Purcell’s latest body of work, aptly titled ‘Halo’, presented by Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney. Her series of oil
paintings are contemporary meditations on pre-Renaissance sacred imagery, responding particularly to the work of Fra Angelico in Florence’s San Marco monastery, which took Purcell’s interest during her residency in Chianti,
Italy earlier this year.

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24 Hours The Arts Diary

Sydney Morning Herald
Tuesday 25th September

"I think as a New-York based painter, to fully understand Australian painting, one has to rediscover the importance and validity of modernism - I did; and am very happy for it," said Jan Frank. For his first exhibition here, Minimalism to Modernism, Jan Frank's painting for Australia, the painter eschews his female nudes to focus more on abstract expressionism by way of de Kooning and Mondrian. The resultant works are full of vivid energy, powerful colours and questing lines.

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Sydney Morning Hedrald
Andrew Frost
August 3rd 2012

Matthew Johnson's paintings are all about colour. His canvases feature swathes of diffuse background colours overlaid with soft-edged circles. Like the dot screen of a reproduced picture on a printed page, these layers come together to seduce the eye with hidden patterns and swirling lines. Johnson's latest show, Coalescence (pictured, until August 12, Tuesday - Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am- 5pm, Sunday noon-5pm, Tim Olsen Gallery 63 Jersey Road Woollahra 9327 3922) continues this painterly experimentation but, with a break from more than a decade of exploring the depths of his trademark diffuse fields, the artist had introduced vibrant colours and hard edges. The results are remarkable, bringing a new and visually scintillating vibrancy to the work.

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Slow study of a changing landscape

The Daily Telegraph
Elizabeth Fortescue
June 20 2012

You have heard of the slow food movement. Slow food. Slow living. If there's a type of art that fits the slow philosophy, perhaps Ann Thomson's is it.

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Real riches to be found in an enduring and abstract vision

Sydney Morning Herald
Joyce Morgan
June 6 2012

In an era of fleeting fads, Ann Thomson's works invite quiet contemplation, writes Joyce Morgan

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Brush with death transformed to art

The Daily Telegraph
Elizabeth Fortescue

On February 17 this year, Sophie Cape was painting alone on an Austrian mountain side, when a terrifying roar of wind heralded an avalanche. The Sydney artist was buried, along with 4 large canvases laid out on the snow.

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Outback Her Inspiration - Exhibition's Sad Footnote

Mosman Daily
Kate Crawford
8 May 2012

Mosman artist Jo Bertini's latest exhibition of desert paintings has a sad footnote. The paintings were inspired by her outback trip last year when she was due to meet up with ABC journalist Paul Lockyer.
However, Lockyer, his cameraman John Bean and pilot Gary Ticehurst, died in a helicopter crash on the eastern shore of Lake Eyre.
"I was devastated - I had only just been talking to Paul," Bertini said.

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Pools of light illuminate fragility of humanity in the natural setting

Sydney Morning Herald
Clare Morgan
April 25 2012

The evolution of sophisticated but relatively cheap digital cameras, the availability of computer software means pretty much anyone these days can call themselves a photographer.

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Open Gallery

Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
Lynne Dwyer
3-4 March 2012

Anyone attracted to modernist architecture will enjoy the work of Paul Davies.

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Maestri's Portrait of a Landscape in Town

The Age

Sydney gallerist Tim Olsen claims a Victorian link by recalling his childhood at the Dunmoochin artist's
colony, when the likes of Fred Williams, John Brack and Albert Tucker would come to dine with his father, the artist John Olsen.

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