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Artist John Olsen celebrates 89th birthday at Newcastle Art Gallery

Newcastle Herald 22 January 2017
Sam Rigney

ABOUT a year ago, iconic Australian artist John Olsen agreed to create an iconic painting that would capture the essence of his birthplace. 

It was a deeply personal work, a reflection on his beginnings. 

Unfortunately, illness meant he couldn’t be there when the exhibition opened in November last year. 

But on Saturday at Newcastle Art Gallery – just a short distance from his childhood home – Olsen got to share a piece of that work, a slice of the Hunter, with hundreds of other art lovers.

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Step inside the world of extraordinary bird photographer Leila Jeffreys

The Sydney Morning Herald 7 January 2017
Mark Dapin

The Herald's photographer Peter Rae is thrilled to meet my lunch date, Leila Jeffreys.

"This is great," he gushes. "I've seen your work for ages and ages. I want to stand here and just go 'Wow', it's so gorgeous'."

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Bleached: Laura Jones

The Guardian 30 December 2016
Michael Slezak
The artist says her undeniably sad portraits of bleached coral on the Great Barrier Reef are about resilience: ‘It’s not a fragile delicate flower … it’s so important to be optimistic and do what we can to protect it’
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Vogue Australia October 2016
Tim Olsen
John Olsen is one of Australia's greatest living artists. Here, his son, gallerist Tim Olsen, who helped curate a new retrospective, reflects on his bohemian childhood and gives a rare insight into his father's powerful ability and influence
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John Olsen retrospective: Brimming with life and love

The Sydney Morning Herald 14 September 2016
Hannah Francis
If painting is dead, as some art critics say, nobody told John Olsen. "I'd like to know the time of death," he says with the brightest of glints in his eye. "I'm alive. So painting isn't dead."

At 88 years old and widely considered Australia's greatest living painter, Olsen is about to launch his largest ever retrospective at the National Gallery of Victoria.
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The Sun King

The Weekend Australian 10 - 11 September 2016
Ashleigh Wilson
John Olsen's second major retrospective, 25 years after the first, is a landmark for our greatest living artist
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John Olsen: at home with the Australian artist

The Sydney Morning Herald 3 September 2016
Amanda Hooton
Over lunch at his home in the NSW southern highlands, John Olsen shares with Amanda Hooton a lifetime of insights into landscape, poetry and painting.
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How gallery owner Tim Olsen found out who he really was

The Australian Financial Review 27 August 2016
Sally Patten
I had hoped that by asking Tim Olsen to have Lunch with the AFR, we might discuss the state of the contemporary art market, the amusing and less amusing side of life as an art dealer and growing up as the son of one of Australia's most successful painters.
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German Expressionist Prints: haunting images of war and decay

The Australian 11 August 2016
Christopher Allen
One of the best exhibitions in Sydney at the moment is to be found not in the big museums but at the Olsen/Irwin Gallery in a quiet street in Woollahra. It is the work of Rex Irwin and reminds us of the loss his imminent retirement will represent: apart from anything else, he has been one of the only Sydney dealers with the expertise and contacts to present fine prints and drawings from the baroque to the modernist periods....
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Mrs V Interviews James McGrath

The Style of Mrs V 26 May 2016
Scarlett Vespa
Scarlett Zola Vespa from The Style of Mrs V interviews Artist James McGrath about his art, his latest show at the Olsen Irwin Gallery and bringing family and art together
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LA Story

Vogue Australia May 2016
Sophie Tedmanson

Blue skies ans bold colour evoke the brighter side of LA in the latest body of work by photographer George Byrne, who proves his gift for capturing beauty in the banal

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The quiet achiever

Vogue Australia May 2016
Sophie Tedmanson
Meet the artist whose work crosses the lines between architecture and nature, painting and photography
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Guy Warren show revisits his Archibald win, war service and childhood

The Australian 2 April 2016
Scott Bevan
Guy Warren is adamant. He wants us to paddle a canoe in Sydney’s Middle Harbour. We’ve been talking about it for months. The cautious in me had suggested we hire a boat. After all, he is on the cusp of turning 95. The adventurous in Warren insists on the canoe. He quotes his friend, fellow artist and the subject of his 1985 Archibald Prize-winning portrait, Bert Flugelman: “If in doubt, jump!” ...
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Guy Warren at 95: Genesis of an artist

Artist Profile 30 March 2016
Steve Lopes
Guy Warren has inspired many other artists with his inventive and curious approach to the landscape and human form. An Archibald Prize winner, educator and respected painter, his contribution to Australia’s visual culture has been enormous. At 95, Guy Warren is about to have a much awaited special focus survey curated by Barry Pearce.
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Andrew Taylor - Layers of Truth

Vogue Living Australia March 2016
Annemarie Kiely
Artist Andrew Taylor sheds new light on his complex approach to life and the modern world's perception of the creative process...
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Artist-turned cult Instagrammer on how to capture LA in a square

Vogue Australia 10 February 2016
Sophie Tedmanson
George Byrne is a photographer, singer and celebrity sibling (his sister is the actress Rose), who has gained a cult following on Instagram for his starkly stunning photos of Los Angeles. He has returned to Sydney for his first solo exhibition – ‘Local Division’ at Olsen Irwin gallery, which opens today. Here, George explains the art of capturing LA in a square...
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Celebrate Australia Day with Olsen's epic landscape

Sydney Morning Herald 23 January 2016
Janet Hawley

"I'm not old, I'm just aged," Olsen says, beaming, as the sun glints on the lake which laps his studio and sprawling house in the NSW Southern Highlands.

"One great value in being aged is that it allows retrospective thinking. I can now look back at the changes in my lifetime through a mental telescope....

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Bird watching has never been more fun

Smithsonian 3 Nov 2015
Jeff Campagna
Australian portrait photographer Leila Jeffreys does an uncanny job of capturing her subjects’ personalities. Her subjects just happen to be the feathered kind. 

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Who's a pretty boy, then?

The Times Magazine 31 October 2015
Monique Rivalland

Leila Jeffreys’ remarkable portraits of rescue bird.

For Wonder, a rare albino turkey vulture, life can be trying. His terrible eyesight means that “he is afraid of his own shadow”, says Australian photographer Leila Jeffreys. He was found face down in the snow in Michigan and is now at a Californian rescue centre, where Jeffreys took his portrait. “There is a gentleness to him that makes me melt,” she says.

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Sophie Cape - Into the Shadows

The Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum 10 October 2015
John McDonald

"A mother and daughter turn to paint and canvas to comprehend a family tragedy".

In light of World Mental Health Day, John McDonald reviews Ann  and Sophie Cape's current exhibition 'An Unending Shadow: Works Exploring Dementia' at Mosman Art Gallery.

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