'Fraser Taylor's work and experience belie his years and represent a genre of painting that is unpretentious and direct. As we now live in an open international society, as the result of technology, his work belongs to the broader psyche.

Fraser's palette and overall aesthetic challenge convention and yet he is able to make images that are pertinent. There is both sensitivity and force in his painting that addresses objects in a way that is highly adventurous. His agility in drawing also reflects confidence and freedom.

His native Scottish tradition from Peploe to Alan Davie, gives this work a frankness and exuberance that makes this exhibition a must for viewers seeking honesty and human experience.'

- John Olsen, 1999.

Born 1960, United Kingdom; lives and works in Chicago, Iiiinois, USA
1981- 83 MA, Royal College of Art, London England.
1977- 81 BA (Hons) 1st class, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
1983 - 1987 The Cloth - The Cloth was an interdisciplinary design studio founded to facilitate movement between fine art and design projects.
Selected Solo and Two Persons Exhibitions
(Upcoming) Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2008 The Childer street Paintings and Drawings, 1994-2001,Linda Ross
2007 In Line, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2006 Reverse Transcriptase,Hyde Park Art Center, in the Loop Gallery, Chicago
2005 Cul de sac, Bucket Rider Gallery, Chicago
2004 The Assemled Line, Contempory Art workshop,Chicago
2003 Occupation,Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago
2002 Amusements: Monotypes, Aurobora Press, San Francisco
2001 Paintings, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago
2000 West coast, Gallery ZAoyama, Tokyo
1999 Out of Place, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
1998 Drawing Installation, Gallery Aoyama, Tokyo
Pillar to Post, MacKintosh Museum, Glasgow School of Art
Even as a Blur, Jill George Gallery, London
1996 Monoprints, Jill George Gallery, London
1995 Paintings and Monoprints, Jill George Gallery, London
1993 Gallery Boards, Paris
New Work, Jill George Gallery, London
1992 Works on paper, Jill George Gallery, London
1991 Between Points, Jill George Gallery, London
1989 Land Marks, Jill George Gallery, London
1987 True to Form, Thumb Gallery, London
1985 These Obscure Objects of Desire, Thumb Gallery, London
Paintings, L'Escargot, London
1984 Small works, L'Escargot, London
2008  2 x 2 Group Exhibition, Tim Olsen Gallery Annex, Sydney
2007 Impossible Violence: A History of Selves, Hyde park Art Centre, Chicago
2006 The Monoprint Show, Jill George Gallery, London
2005 Bilingual, Tracy Taylor, Curator, Ukrainian Insitute Of Modern Art, Chicago
2004 Black and White, Linda Ross Contempory Art Projects, Hunting Woods
2003 Triplex, Sybaris Gallery Royal Oak, Michigan
2002 Kitchen Sink, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago
Summer Suites, Aurobora Press, San Francisco
2001 British Art Now, The Music Room, London
2000 2 x 2 Tim Olsen gallery, Sydney
1999 Collaborations in the Millennium, British Art Now
1998 British Art Now 1998, Axis Gallery, Tokyo
Between London and Tokyo, Fine Art Consultancy, London
The Communicating Image, Margaret Harvey Gallery, St Albans, U.K.
The Hunting Art Prize, Royal Collage of Art, London (touring)
1997 British Art Now - Tokyo 97, Japan
Artists of Fame and Promise, Beaux Art, Cork Street, London
The Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy
Contemporary Scottish Painting, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
Four Painters, Jill George Gallery, London
1996 Monoprints, Gainsborough s House, Sudbury, Suffolk
One Hundred Years of Design at the RCA, Royal College of Art, London
1995 Drawing Show, Jill George Gallery, London
1994 Drawing, Fine Art Consultancy, London
Paintings (Two Person), Jill George Gallery, London
1993 Big Works, Fine Art Consultancy, London
1992 Group Show, Fine Art Consultancy, London
1991 Friends and Contemporaries, John Jones Gallery, London
Docklands, Exchange Tower, London
1990 Group Show, The New Academy Gallery, London
1989 Summer Show, The New Academy Gallery, London
1988 The Drawing Show, Thumb Gallery, London
1987 Two by Eight, Thumb Gallery, London
1986 Human Figure, Royal Academy of Art Artists Abroad, Royal Academy of Art
1985 Business Art Gallery, London
The Cloth, Oliver & Pink, London
London in Florence, Florence
The Cloth, Compass Gallery, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee
1984 Beneath the Cloth, Royal College of Art, London
Art Registry
The Drawing Centre, New York
Art Books
Baillwik, Issue Three, July 2006
Art Fairs
Aqu Art Miami, ARCO Madrid, Art Chicago,Art Miami, Art Toronto,Contempory and Classics Chicago, Fiac Paris, The Glasgow Art Fair, London Art Fair, Los Angeles Art Fair, Nova Chicago, Twentieth and Twenty First Century London
1996-2001 Assistant Curator, Japanese Art Now, London and Tokyo
1999 The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection, British Textile Design
1996 One Hundred Years of Design at the Royal college of Art, by Christopher
1987 Street Style, British Design in the 80's, by Catherine Mc Dermott
1986 New British Design, by John Tackara and Stuart Jane, Thames and Hudson
Public Collections
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
2007 Mahon and Band Press, Melbourne
2005 Mahon and Band Press, Melbourne
2003 Aurobora Press, San Francisco
2002 Aurobora Press, San Francisco
Awards and Grants
2007 Faculty Enrichment Grant, The School of Art Insitute of Chicago
1999 Goldsmith College University of London, Research Grant, British Art Now
1998 Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design The London Insitute,
1984 Lloyds Young Printmakers Prize
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