Sally Anderson uses painting to explore personal, psychological and everyday experience. Her work is largely process-driven, informed by a questioning of her emotional response to memory, knowledge and interpersonal relationships. Sally is particularly interested in ways memory and experience is held by object and place. Sally’s multi-layered paintings ‘are like wombs or libraries—where gestation and digestion are tacitly implied’ and usually take the form of diptychs or pairs. She uses this format to present ways in which meaning is assumed and formed through context and association. The diptych works also symbolise the two-sided nature of relationships and an interest in decision-making processes and their implications.

Born in Lismore, NSW, Sally Anderson began her undergraduate studies in Visual Art at Southern Cross University before transferring to UNSW Art & Design (Formally COFA) in Sydney. In 2017 Sally was an artist in residence at the Nancy Fairfax Artist Residency (Tweed Regional Gallery), in 2016 Sally was a finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Award, and Paddington Art Prize, in 2015 Sally was a finalist in the Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship and in 2014 Sally was invited to participate in the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SIM) artist residency in Reykjavik, Iceland.