Art & Fashion Combine at MBFW

This week Sydney fashionista’s come out in force to celebrate everything fashion at the annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Gary Bigeni

Fashion would be nothing with out drawing inspiration from life and culture.

It is a sign of what is fresh and what is modern.

Coco Chanel once said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

It is very exciting then that important Australian designer Gary Bigeni has integrated the designs of Olsen Irwin artist Marie Hagerty in his collection for his show at the 2015 MBWF.


This is not the first time that Gary has initiated a creative crossover between fashion and art with very successfully collaborating with Matthew Johnson in 2013.

5040Marie Hagerty

Crucible II 2010

200 x 180cm


Designed for a confident woman who truly owns her style, concise and considered, the collection was accented with cottons from Italy and Japan that were perfectly draped and tied on the body. Gary felt that the line in Marie’s work echoed the ‘masterful drape, intelligent silhouettes and sophisticated use of colour’ applied in his designs.


It is ageless, because she is.

It is feminine, because she would not be anything else.

It is fearless, because she likes surprises with colour, fabric and silhouette.

It is wearable pieces that can stand alone or work together.

because she is a woman who knows her own mind.

It is boutique because she is her own person.


Marie Hagerty

oil and acrylic on canvas

200 x 180cm





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Marie Hagerty | 'Sealed Section' at Artbank

Marie Hagerty’s work makes up part of an exhibition at Artbank entitled ‘Sealed Section.’ Made up from the Artbank collection, this show is an exploration of themes usually understood to be taboo, off limits as topics of conversation at the dinner table.

“‘Sealed Section’ includes a rich and diverse group of works that highlight the strength and pertinence of contemporary art as a response to the key issues of our time.” – Artbank

In a video for the show, Artbank curator and collection coordinator Miriam Kelly describes the way Marie’s work Coupling II fits into the theme of the exhibition. Within the show, she looks at Hagerty’s work for its visceral sexuality and balance between violence and seduction. Coupling II marks a meeting point between figuration and abstraction, depicting a body exploding out of an undefined form. It explores the relationships between controlled restraint and  unreserved expressiveness in painting.

Some other artists in the exhibition include Arthur Boyd, Christopher Dean, Richard Larter, Scott Redford and Alex Seton.

You can watch the video for the exhibition by clicking here

‘Sealed Section’
28 November 2014 – 7 February 2015
Artbank, Unit 1, 198-222 Young Street, Waterloo, 2017


Marie Hagerty, Coupling II, 2013, acrylic and oil on canvas, 157 x 137cm


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Marie Hagerty | Gold Coast Art Prize and Pulse: Reflections on the Body

Marie Hagerty has been selected as a finalist in the Gold Coast Art Prize with her work ‘Plane Girl 3.’ In its 46th year, this prize promotes the contemporary arts practice of Australian artists working across any medium except photography. First place will be awarded $30,000, to be announced on the 6th of December.

A work by Marie has also been included in an exhibition at the Canberra Museum and Gallery. ‘Pulse, Reflections on the Body’ discusses what it is to be human through different depictions and ideas of the human body from multiple perspectives.

Her work ‘Rider 4’ combines aspects of the figurative with the abstract in order to create ambiguous forms, reminiscent of the body.

“These visual cues are apparent in ‘Rider 4,’ with disemobdied legs attired in black-stockings, morphing into characteristically ambiguous, thrusting forms held in check by twin cords. Taking this evident allusive movement further, Hagerty’s hybrid, polymorphous forms can be siumltaneously read as fleshy lips, engorged sexual organs, or more.” Canberra Museum and Gallery

Gold Coast Art Prize
December 6 2014 – February 8 2015
Gold Coast City Gallery

Pulse: Reflections on the Body
18 October 2014 – 22 February 2015
Canberra Museum and Gallery
Cnr London Circuit and Civic Square, Canberra City


Marie Hagerty, Plane Girl 3, 2014, collage on pape, 56 x 77cm


Marie Hagerty, Rider 4, 2013, oil on canvas, 157 x 137cm


Marie Hagerty | CAPO Art Auction and Paul Guest Prize

Marie Hagerty has donated a work to go under the hammer at the 31st CAPO Art Auction. The Capital Arts Patrons’ Organisation is a volunteer based, non-profit association that has supported the ACT region’s artists since its establishment in 1983. Along with Marie’s ‘Cross Eyed,’ for sale at the auction will be artworks by Canberra’s well established and promising emerging artists. The auction will be opened by Paul Mcdermott, CAPO Patron.

Marie has also been selected as a finalist in the Paul Guest Prize for 2014 with her piece ‘Thin Ice.’ The Paul Guest Prize is held every two years. With a focus on contemporary drawing practice in Australia, first place will receive a cash prize of $12,000.

“The Prize was initiated by former Family Court Judge and Olympic rower, the Honourable Paul Guest QC and encourages artists from across Australia to engage with the important medium of drawing and to create challenging and unique art works.” – Bendigo Art Gallery

2014 CAPO Art Auction
Saturday October 4, 6:45pm – 11pm
Canberra Museum and Gallery Corner London Circuit & Civic Square, Canberra ACT

2014 Paul Guest Prize
15 November 2014 – 26 January 2015
Bendigo Art Gallery


Marie Hagerty, Thin Ice, 2014, oil and acrylic on canvas, 200 x 180cm


Marie Hagerty, Crossed Eyes, 2014, Screen Print (Unique State)



Marie Hagerty | Peter Vandermark | The Art Life

Marie Hagerty and Peter Vandermark‘s current exhibition of New Works at Olsen Irwin has been featured on The Art Life.

“Though they’ve always worked separately in respective painting and sculpture practices, this show demonstrates ample connection through their use of colour, shape and shared influence. At the same it juxtaposes contrasting perspectives – with Hagerty’s curvy, overlapping, semi-abstracted images surprisingly living in harmony with Vandermark’s straight edged, geometric style.” – Sharne Wolff, The Art Life

Read the article here on The Art Life.

Marie Hagerty and Peter Vandermark
New Works
16 April – 4 May

Olsen Irwin
63 Jersey Road
Woollahra NSW 2025


Marie Hagerty, 3 Plane girls II, 2014, collage on paper, 56 x 77cm


Marie Hagerty | NGA Artonline

“… the strength of Hagerty’s work lies at the point where perfectionism and wayward perversity merge.” – Lara Nichols, Assistant Curator, Australian Paintings and Sculpture, National Gallery of Australia

This quote was taken from Lara Nichols’ article on Marie Hagerty’s work for NGA Artonline. Talking of Hagerty’s 2012 work deposition, currently hanging in the contemporary galleries at the National Gallery of Australia, Nichols describes the “burlesque tone” of the work.

“… when installing deposition 2012 late last year the work commanded such a powerful presence in the space as though it was setting the stage and we were spectators of a gripping performance.” – Lara Nichols, Assistant Curator, Australian Paintings and Sculpture, National Gallery of Australia

Olsen Irwin will host an exhibition of Marie Hagerty’s new works from 16 April – 4 May 2014.Hagerty_NGA2


Marie Hagerty | Peter Vandermark | House Tour

A visit to the Canberra home of Marie Hagerty and Peter Vandermark is an aesthetic experience. Its smart modernist architecture houses a world that has been created through the marriage of two of Australia’s most exciting and stylish contemporary artists. Hagerty and Vandermark have a shared home but separate studios. There is a movement of artworks between these spaces that ensures every visitor is greeted by the exciting prospect of new works to view and a ‘fresh hang’. While many artists bring their work home from the studio to live with, contemplate and slowly evaluate, what is really striking about the Hagerty-Vandermark household is the way in which their works sit together so beautifully within the overall look and feel of their home, providing an insight into the extent to which their art is integrated into their lives.


These two positively live their aesthetic. Their work is in no way the same: each has developed, in the course of their career, a unique style and vocabulary of visual motifs for which they are individually known. When brought together, however, the symmetry can’t be ignored. This effect has been described by the artists as a kind of play, which serves “to juxtapose and add another dimension or conversation – we ‘speak’ very different languages, but understand each other.” While not always harmonious (could such a situation possibly be?!) it is clearly a fruitful alliance.

Marie and Peter sustain a dialogue that is intuitive and ongoing. They see the consistencies in each other’s work and share a special affection for ‘classic’ pieces in their oeuvres that are always on display (Hagerty’s remarkable ‘Photojournalist’, for example, and a suite of three sculptures by Vandermark that retains pride of place in the couple’s bedroom). New artworks are continually viewed in relation to these benchmarks and in turn encourage the artists to look at their key works afresh.
Marie&Pete_PressRelease_2014-4_ Continue reading


Marie Hagerty | CAPO auction

Capital Arts Patrons’ Organisation (CAPO) has supported the ACT region’s artists for over 29 years, with the annual CAPO auction proving a success for both the established and emerging artists of the ACT. The CAPO 30 auction was held at the Canberra Museum and Gallery on 23rd November, 2013 and featured a piece by Olsen Irwin artist Marie Hagerty, created together with Robert Foster. The work ‘Vespa‘ was auctioned off live for a price of $1,600.

Marie Hagerty & Robert Foster
Vespa, 2013
Anodised Aluminum
70 x 62 x 38 cmfoster hagerty-1_capo 2013_07


Marie Hagerty

Arthur Guy Memorial Prize, Coupling III

Arthur Guy Memorial Prize, Marie Hagerty, Coupling III

Marie Hagerty has recently been selected for the Arthur Guy Memorial Art Prize at Bendigo Regional Gallery for her work ‘Coupling III’, featured above.


Check out her latest article in Box Magazine by Gina Fairley.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

For Canberra artist, Marie Hagerty it is the seductive ancient Indian text The Kama Sutra along with the emotionally raw paintings of Francis Bacon and teh work of renowned French sculptor, Auguste Rodin that inspires her; a sensual line-up, conjouring an ambiguous heartbeat deep within her paintings. Hagerty also notes that thematically and stylistically speaking her graphic yet primitive work references Bauhaus, Russian Suprematism and Constructivism. “Oh, are they sexy? I think they are”, she laughs. 

When describing the paintings of Hagerty most of us would gravitate towards words like cool abstraction, hip and edgy. While appropriate as descriptive terms, and in-sync with a kind of design rhetoric that has swept contemporary tastes in Australia over the past decade, this tone does not capture the sensuality and dark humour that laces Hagerty’s paintings. They are ore than just a visual engagement. They implore a physical reaction. 

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National Gallery of Australia acquires Marie Hagerty work


Marie Hagery has recently had her fourth work acquired by the National Gallery of Australia. Works in the Gallery are part of Australia’s national collection. They belong to the people of Australia and are preserved and presented for their enjoyment and education. The work is called Deposition and is currently hanging in Canberra at the NGA at D7.

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