Chris Langlois Exhibition at the Glass House Regional Gallery

The Glass House Regional Gallery is hosting an exhibition of works by Olsen Irwin artist Chris Langlois.



“Chris Langlois creates painting that take us into the natural world of sky, sea and cloud, drifting toward and beyond the horizon. At the same time, however, they offer an internal dialogue, into existential territory, with images that speak to this moment, the memory, and to the infinite. Their power is in this duality, an ability to harness the beauty of the physical world, and to create a window into the psyche.” Louise Martin Chew

_DSC9753The Exhibition features much of Chris’ most recent works exploring the sublime beauty of the Australian sky.

Chris will be giving an artist talk on the 3rd of December.  Tickets to the event are available here

You can also view the exhibition catalog here

The exhibition runs until January 15

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