Cressida Campbell | Artist Profile


Artist Profile‘s Bridget MacLeod visited Cressida Campbell in her Sydney studio to discuss her most recent exhibition, working practice and impressive career.

Of her early work Campbell says, “In the beginning it was more primitive in a way. It was less detailed. Some early works come off in a way I wouldn’t do now, but there’s an energy to them that’s good. I think different strengths come out at different times in each period of your life. Those early ones had a boldness that was lively but possibly not as subtle. Sophisticated is not quite the right word, but your eye gets more critical, which is great.”

Campbell also gives us some insight into what’s to come, “I want to do some works looking through windows, inspired by this fantastic exhibition called ‘A Room with a View’ at the National Gallery in London. I’m also starting to do one intense drawing and then choose details from it to try and get a lot of compositions out of one study.”

The interview is featured in the current issue of Artist’s Profile, out now.


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