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“As an Antipodean living in the complex urban sprawl that makes up Los Angeles, George Byrne is in a unique position to observe his borrowed hometown. The Sydney bred artist has made a name both locally and internationally for his pastel-painted landscapes of the City of Angels and he returns to Sydney this month to showcase a new collection. Currently exhibiting a new body of work, Post Truth, at Woollahra’s Olsen Gallery, Byrne returns to his photographic roots, but also embraces another medium: collage. By splicing and dicing his images into compositions, Byrne reinvents cityscapes and creates a new dialogue to comment on the fractured politics of Trumpian America.

Ahead of the opening night on February 8, Vogue Living sat down to chat with the artist about his new body of work.”

Post Truth is to be opened at OLSEN Gallery by Rose Byrne on Friday 8 February 2019, 6-8pm.

Post Truth will continue from 29 January to 17 February.

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