Guy Warren: On the road opening tomorrow 2- 4pm

Guy Warren is no stranger to the Australian art scene with a career spaning over 70 years. Yesterday Guy celebrated his 94th birthday and in testament to the longevity of his art he has a new exhibition at the Works on Paper Gallery.

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The Exhibition is entitled ‘Guy Warren: On the Road’ and celebrates the artists unwavering energy for life.

When asked how he felt at 94 he simply answered “it’s the new 21”.


Conversations with Alice-Sentinel (2)

Oi Pastel on paper

38 X 56.5cm


The works in this exhibition explore the integration of human existence within the natural world and is made up of  landscapes produced during recent trips to Alice Springs, Broken Hill, The Nullarbor Plains and Equator. Mythology, memory and personal experience are all intertwined within Guy’s landscape linking the natural world to human experience.


Silverton- The house with the crooked chimney
Water colour on paper

38 X 56.5 cm


The great Australian art critic John McDonald wrote in his essay, Guy Warren: Figure in a Landscape,

“The most important thing for Warren is that each work represents a transforming feat of the imagination, a way of re-imagining or re-inventing the world, not simply a record of sensory experiences”

This quote from McDonald encapsulates the essence of Guy’s landscapes. The application a few simple strokes carefully applied by Guy is able to induce a sense of narrative, time and mythology.



Conversations with Alice- Hills near Ross River
Oil Crayon on Paper
56.6 X 76 cm

The exhibition is comprised of 22 works made from a mix of water colour and oil pastel.

Guy Warren: On the road opens Saturday 18 April 2 – 4pm

The catalogue is available online

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