Jacqui Stockdale at Artbar

On Friday 1st of Feburary Jacqui Stockdale was a guest artist at the MCA Art Bar.

Lara Merrett had curated a vibrant, artist-driven evening of art, music and performance.

The evening was called Things We Do Together  – “all about community and coming together with your fellow neighbour. Grab the opportunity to be a part of a performance – collect a lock or key at the door and find your other half throughout the night.”

Jacqui Stockdale cut silhouettes freehand with scissors, in the traditional portrait style that was very popular before photography was invented. The audience was enticed to sit for 10 minutes to have their profile rendered out of a piece of black paper. Each portrait will be added to the collection of heads and displayed in the ‘pop-up’ studio as part of the performance.

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