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OLSEN gallery is pleased to present Colour and Form:Works from the Estate of Robert Klippel at Sydney Contemporary 7 – 10 September 2017.

Andrew Klippel (son of Robert) and Tim Olsen speak of the upcoming show in the recently published article,  The artistic impulse of one of Australia’s greatest artists, by Linda Morris, in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Like the sons of many artists, Andrew Klippel grew up knowing he was second in his father’s affections to the creative impulse.

Robert is regarded as Australia’s pre-eminent sculptor of the 20th century, having exhibited with the likes of Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Fernand Leger, Rene Magritte and Lucian Freud. In New York he walked among the giants of the contemporary art scene as a member of the 10th Avenue Club, an artist group founded by Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.

Artist Robert Klippel never stopped toiling in service of his aesthetic convictions.

“Metal and junk, that’s what the house smelled of,” Klippel recalls. “It hadn’t been cleaned in 40 years, he wouldn’t allow anyone to clean it; there was a guy who would come in to mop the floor once every six months.

“The house had 25 rooms, each one of those dedicated to something. You had your plastic room, the plaster room, the metal rooms – plural, paper rooms, cardboard rooms, wax rooms.” 

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