Cressida Campbell | Gift Cards

Cressida Campbell‘s unique woodblock print works will soon be available in a range of gift cards. There are 36 designs available, all new compositions taken from details of her larger original woodblock works. The cards will be available for purchase from November online at cressidacampbell.com and from all good book stores, and selected gift shops.

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Cressida Campbell | ARTAND Australia

The late Martin Sharp (1942 – 2013) chose the 2002 work of Cressida Campbell, Nasturtiums, for his Artist’s Choice text featured in the current issue of ARTAND Australia.

Writing in October 2013, Sharp states, “A successful artwork contains its energy, it does not loose its strength, but keeps on giving. Such excellence can only be achieved through a diligence that would daunt most.” – Martin Sharp, ARTAND Australia

Sharp also explains Campbell’s painstaking technique used to create her unique woodblock prints. “Cressida’s unusual creation of unique prints where she carves a plywood block. Paints is with water-soluble paints, moisturises the painted block and takes a single impression. Creating the print.” – Martin Sharp, ARTAND Australia

Cressida Campbell, Nasturtiums, 2002, Unique colour woodblock, 58.4 x 60.0 cm