Michelle Perrett
Paradisiaque 2003

Tim Olsen Gallery
24 September - 11 October 2003

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"These pieces are taken from a recent body of work titled Vials, a series of ceramic sculptures that were exhibited at Sydney University late in 2000. The works are the culmination of a project that began with a 1999 research trip to Paris where Perrett studied the collections of instruments and containers in scientific museums.

he larger-than-life painted ceramic sculptures therefore become apothecaries' jars and bottles or the flasks used in chemistry. The vials have charcoal black as a base colour which is applied using broad, horizontal brush strokes, and the surfaces are textured with intricate crosshatching (like shading in drawing) muslin fabric or gauze bandaging.

Sonner Creux, with the spherical base and long elegant neck, is also an interactive piece. Put your ear over the opening at the top and you will hear the restful sounds of the sea."

Information taken from an article by Sue Steggall, Artful magazine, 2000