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Laura Jones calls Port Macquarie home for Glasshouse Artist in Residency program

Port Macquarie News 19.08.19

Laura Telford

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"I'm known for still life paintings of flowers but I have recently been working with different interesting landscapes and Port Macquarie definitely stands up with the best landscapes in the world," Laura said.

"I always start my work with a series of drawings and then take them into the studio and turn them into big colourful paintings.

"The Artist in Residency program really affords me the time to get out of my studio in Sydney and get into a new environment to focus on my art which is really special."

In the current context of global climate change, Laura says her artistic practice has evolved into a passionate effort to impress a love for the environment onto her audience.

She said she has loved immersing herself in the local landscapes and she has been drawn to the local native flora.

"I have been enamored with the Coastal Walk and the efforts to conserve it and the way I can pay tribute to that is to paint it," she said.

"I have been really taken with all the beautiful Banksias and Pandanus palms and then also the beautiful rock pools with starfish and all the gorgeous textures and colours which are really inspiring me.

"Through being in Port Macquarie I have taken a lot of photos, done a lot of sketches and research about native flora.

"It is really important for me to connect with a place or the objects I am painting.

"So if it is a vase of flowers on a table I will set up the vase myself so I am connected and while I have been here I have spoken to local flower growers to understand their side of process.

"For a few days I have been working from the beach which has been great to get out and get a feel for the place.

"For this work at this stage I can see large prints of local flowers with a few hints of Port Macquarie as well."

Laura Jones was working at the Glasshouse during August and will host an exhibition at the Glasshouse in the first part of 2020.

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