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Paul Ryan
July 16th, 2013

Paul Ryan is an Illawara based painter and sculptor. Born in New Zealand, Ryan migrated to Australia in 1973. He studied at Wollongong TAFE and at the University of Wollongong. Ryan has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. He has been a finalist in numerous art prizes including ten times in the Archiblad Prize. Ryan has won a number of art prizes including the 2010 Paddington prize, 2012 Geelong Prize, and 2013 Bay of Fires Prize.

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Sublime Modernism
Philippa Daly
July 4, 2013

Paul Davies paints a house we all know. With its clean lines, simple proportions and defined angles, the house Davies depicts is textbook modernism- a building recognisable†the world over.†

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The work of Peter Booth. An intuitive artist of uncompromising vision

Artist Profile
Steve Lopes
July 2013

In his latest exhibition in Sydney, at Olsen Irwin gallery, Peter Booth was keen to show his drawings and works on paper together, echoing important shows he has earlier in his career at Pinacotheca Gallery Melbourne, where unframed works were pinned to the walls. This simple style of presentation added to the immediacy of the works, making them accessible to the view in a very intimate and tactile way.

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Salute the Sun

Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
Ali Gripper
June 24 2013

In his twilight years, John Olsen is taking on one of the biggest challenges of his career. Ali Gripper steps inside his studio to find an exuberant tribute to the Australian landscape.

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The Pace. Tales from Influential Men

Men's Style
Michael Pickering
Winter 2013. Issue #55

Inspired by artists such as David Hockney and Jeffrey Smart, the Sydney artist's work is based on abandoned architecture.

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Big Fish

Art Collector
Janet Hawley
May 2013

Big Fish

Art Collector

May 2013†

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The new influencers

Harpers Bazaar
Noelle Faulkner
June 2013

Meet the talents currently reshaping Australian culture, from stage to gallery to turntable. Remember these names, says Noelle Faulkner.

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Portrait is very well Done

Mosman Daily
Kate Crawford
April 2013

While not instantly recognisable, Ken Done has once again show his face at the Archibald Prize.
The Mosman artist has been painted by Melbourne artist Amanda Marburg and the portrait hung in the Archibald. Self Portraits by Done have been finalists in the Archibald twice, in 1984 and 2011.

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Cultural Capital

Sydney Morning Herald
Darryn King
April 2013

The moment of creative inspiration is often characterised as a flash, a spark, a spontaneous flicking of a light switch or - somewhat dangerously - a lightning strike. Yesterday visited Paul McCartney in a dream. William Blake and Giacomo Puccini described themselves as careful transcribers of heavenly dictation.

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Photographer snaps up prize

Sydney Morning Herald
Thursday, February 14, 2013

When photographer Tamara Dean won a prestigious trip to the US, no one was more surprised than she was.

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Noah's art lets innocence shine

The Sydney Morning Herald
Andrew Taylor
28 January 2013

TIM OLSEN will not hang the artworks of any old celebrity in his gallery.
The gallery owner said he turned down showing works by tennis great Martina Navratilova and Sir Paul McCartney.
''I'm too busy to do a pretentious exhibition of someone just because they're famous,'' he said.
But he was drawn to the Australian actor Noah Taylor's artworks ''because he's a f---ing good artist … he's not trying to give a lesson in nude drawing or classical cross-hatching.''

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Noah takes time out for a doodle

Daily Telelgraph
Elizabeth Fortescue
January 28 2013

"I think everyone has their own doodling style," says Taylor, a prominent actor ever since his appearance in the 1987 hit film, The Year My Voice Broke.
He is referring to that automatic writing of symbols that people indulge in when they're "on the phone and talking about whatever to an accountant or something". He has found his personal symbols have tended towards the figurative.

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Behind the lines of Noah Taylor's art

The Australian
Alex Speed
January 26 2013

IF you came of age in Australia in the 1980s, as I did, you will probably be familiar with the name Noah Taylor. You must also recall The Year My Voice Broke, the movie about sexual awakening, teenage angst and unrequited love in a country town that launched the acting career of a gawky-looking kid from St Kilda.

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Noah Taylor's art a place to connect with people in depth

The Nation - The Australian
Rick Morton
January 26 2013

NOAH Taylor may be a fixture in the Australian psyche for his acting performances over 27 years but his passion has always been closer to canvas than cameras.
Taylor, who scored his breakthrough role in The Year My Voice Broke in 1987, has revealed little of himself in interviews over the years but he told The Weekend Australian his art was a connection to people.

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Pavement: Colour My World

Vogue Living
Feb 2013

Artist Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs works with his signature solid colour and organic shapes to showcase the latest paints in vibrant style.

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Nicholas Harding

The Sydney Magazine
Elissa Blake
Feb 2013

In a loft studio in the old Westons biscuit factory in Camperdown, Nicholas Harding is trying to find a clean chair to sit on. Everything in the room - the easels, his shoes, the floor - is covered in dollops of dried paint that appear to be building up like a coral reef.

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Art, Paint + Sculpture: Artist Paul Davies

Gym Class Magazine
Ingmar Apinis
Autumn 2012

Modernist homes and a bright colour palette caught our attention, but its what Australian artist Paul Davies is not showing us that has kept us interested.

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At Home With.. Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy

The Sun Herald
Jo Casamento
Sunday, November 18 2012

Jewellery designer and artist Stephen Ormandy is perfectly happy to be working for the Olsen 'family firm', as he explained to Jo Casamento, just before his solo exhibition opened at the Tim Olsen Gallery.

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Bird Girl

Belle Magazine
Harry Roberts
Nov 7 2012

Leila Jeffreys finds her wings giving flight to birdlife as art.

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Pretty Boy

Vogue Living
Madeleine Hinchey
Nov/Dec 2012

Meet Slim, a sulphur-crested cockatoo snapped by Leila Jeffreys as part of her native Australian cockatoo portrait series. Her photographs, printed at over one metre tall, capture the endearing personalities of these beloved birds, from shy and sweet to downright cheeky. 7–25 November, Tim Olsen Gallery, 63 Jersey Road, Woollahra NSW;

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