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Australian Financial Review
Helen O'Neil
3 October 2015

Paul Davies cuts his stencils with the same kind of scalpel blade his ophthalmologist father uses to slice into eyes. The results are different of course. Davies junior's use of the scalpel is potentially far less messy and brings forth images that are apparently serene and seemingly two-dimensional. Yet the issue of redefining vision is the same. That is a theme that has defined this 36-year-old artist's career to this date. Born in Sydney, now living in Los Angeles, he often uses mid-20th-century modern architecture in his work yet says what is there is not what it seems.

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Australian Brandenburg Orchestra Hosting Annual Melbourne Gala Dinner

July 2019

The Brandenburg Orchestra will be hosting their annual Melbourne Gala Dinner on July 17 at the Metropolis on Southbank. The evening is one dedicated to fine dining, wine and splendid music, as well as the opportunity to support the orchestra and celebrate our many supporters. The Brandenburg are delighted to include this stunning painting from Zoe Young as a part of our auction, the proceeds of which will go towards developing our artistic programs and furthering the orchestra in taking bold creative steps in 2020 and beyond. We would like to offer audiences of the Olsen Gallery a 10% discount on our upcoming Fourth Season ?Next Generation Baroque? as a way of extending our thanks and appreciation to the gallery for their enduring support and partnership.

Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award

June 2019

The Shepparton Art Museum's is holding it's flagshib biennal exhibition, The 2019 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award (SMFACA)  The SCMFACA creates opportunities for artists to produce new bodies of work. As a $50,000 acquisitive prize, the SMFACA cements its place as Australia?s premier Award in the medium of contemporary ceramics. Judges: Lisa Slade, Assistant Director, Artistic Programs, Art Gallery of South Australia; Stephen Benwell, Artist; and Dr Rebecca Coates, Director, Shepparton Art Museum. Friday 21?June 2019, 6pm to 8pm SAM, 70 Welsford Street, Shepparton

Vipoo Srivilasa in All That's Gold Does Glitter An Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics'

June 2019

Six of Vipoo Srivilasa's porcelain sculptures are on show at the Macau Museum of Art as part of Art Macau. All That?s Gold Does Glitter ? An Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics, features '90 ceramic masterpieces from outstanding artists from 13 different countries and regions'.


Cureated by internationally acclaimed artist, Caroline Cheng. The exquisite contemporary ceramics show is the largest and highest-level ceramic art exhibition in the Greater Bay Area to date. The show will 'challenge the definition of contemporary ceramics, showing a global audience that clay can be extravagant and luxurious'. Held at four casino-hotels operated by Sands China, including the Venetian Hotel.

The exhibition opens June 8th 2019 and will continue until mid October 2019.

Paradise Lost: Paul Davies' Fictive California

Louis Bury
Saturday, June 8

The painter's depiction of breezy palm trees and picturesque mountain ranges contain eccentric, discordant details.

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Paul Davies The Roaring Daze

Beauty, Divinity and Universality: The art of Laura Jones

Andrew McIlroy
4 June 2019

Sydney art dealer Tim Olsen describes artist Laura Jones as “the real deal”.  In an era where so many artists are caught in an existential crisis, paroled by a desire to create pretty work in order to appeal to the widest possible audience, Jones transcends this hubbub.

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Paul Davies: The Roaring Daze at Olsen Gruin

Whitehot Magazine
Kurt McVey
June 1, 2019

Davies, a Sydney, Australia native now living in Los Angeles, pulls his visual references heavily from legendary if not infamous architectural structures, which he personally documents using digital photography and later (often years later) renders up in his large-scale, pulpy (in the full Tarantino version of the word) acrylic on canvas paintings. The show also features one-off, sunset-pastel, long-exposure photograms as well as his minimal, hand-painted, laser cut sculptures. 

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McLean Edwards

Aritist Profile
Saskia Beudel
Issue 47 | 2019


McLean Edwards said to writer Saskia Beudel, as they spoke in his studio, ‘We should be fearsome, us artists and writers. People should tremble when we enter the room.’ Few painters can claim to be an inspiration to their generation as Edwards can.

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Sally Anderson

Artist Profile
Sally Anderson
Issue 44 | 2019

Sally Anderson spoke about how the deeply autobiographical, the metaphorical and the observed intertwine in her painting practice.

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Sally Anderson Blue and Green Music
May 2019

OLSEN Gallery congratulates Jacqui Stockdale on her selection as a finalist in the Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture with her work Matilda. The Olive Cotton Award for photographic portraiture is a $20,000 biennial national award for excellence in photographic portraiture dedicated to the memory of photographer Olive Cotton. The winning work is acquired for the Gallery's Collection. The Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture Exhibition opens on 12 July 2019 ? 22 September 2019.

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May 2019

OLSEN Gallery congratulates Jacqui Stockdale on her selection as a finalist in the 2019 Len Fox Painting Award with portrait Brother Nature. The Len Fox Painting Award is a highlight of the Castlemaine Art Museum 2019 Exhibition Program. The Len Fox Painting Award Exhibition opens on 8 June 2019 to 1 September 2019.


May 2019

Join the Friends of the Australian Tapestry Workshop for an exclusive visit to the studio of leading Australian artist John Young. John has collaborated with the ATW on two significant tapestries, Open World (2005) and Finding Kenneth Myer (2011). John Young was born in Hong Kong and moved to Australia in 1967. He read philosophy of science and aesthetics at the University of Sydney and then studied painting and sculpture at Sydney College of the Arts. He is well known for his series of paintings that are inspired by transcultural concerns and a bicultural experience. His works have been shown in more than 60 solo exhibitions and more than 160 group exhibitions across Australia, Asia and Europe. Join the artist on a tour of his studio, and to learn more about his practice and recent projects and exhibitions. Refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of the tour. 

Click here to join the Friends of the ATW For more information, contact the ATW on 9699 7885 or email

Congratulations to Sylvia Ken winner of this years WYNNE Prize

May 2019

Established in 1897 the Wynne Prize is awarded annually for 'the best landscape painting of Australian scenery in oils or watercolours or for the best example of figure sculpture by Australian artists?. Sylvia Ken is from the Amata community in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands in South Australia. Her family are traditional owners for significant sites where the Seven Sisters story takes place. This painting refers to this story, the landscape that the story takes place in, as well as the characters in the story.

"I listen to the old people's stories and I think about these stories and then the ideas come for my paintings" I listen when they are talking about tjukurpa and telling creation stories, and when they say to me, "No, you should paint this way, the Seven Sisters"

CONGRATULATIONS to McLEAN EDWARDS this year's winner of the Sir John Sulman Prize.

May 2019

Established in 1936 the Sulman Prize is awarded to the best subject painting, genre painting or mural project by an Australian artist. Edwards? explains that this work is about romantic engagement. ?My protagonist holds an apple/phone and is surrounded by new-growth leaves. There is a tree stump, stripped bare; febrile and baleful with one eye open. My hero?s coat is of the 'look at me?' variety, a map of roads, the pattern a bitumen colour and rather uneven?. Edwards has a forthcoming exhibition ?Everything Once? opening on May 22. 

'The first girl that knocked on his door', 2019 oil on canvas 153 x 122.5cm Edwards.

Step Into Australian Desert Dreamtime at Olsen Gruin Gallery

LA Weekly
Jordan Riefe
May 10, 2019

Walk into Olsen Gruin Gallery in Culver City and step into another place and time. Surrounding viewers are what look like large-scale abstract expressionist paintings from the mid-century by mavericks who drank, cursed and smoked too much. But titles like "Mamungari ‘nya," "Ngura Pilti" and "Ngayuka mamaku ngura ini Makiri," all painted in 2018, are the first hint these might not be what they look like. In fact, they are figurative paintings by indigenous artists from Central Australia that constitute the dazzling new show, APY Lands LA: Central Desert Painters of Australia, through May 30 in Culver City. Presented in partnership with the Australian Consulate-General Los Angeles, it is the largest collection of Australian indigenous art ever shown in the Southland.

Featured image:  Taylor Cooper, "Malara: 1 Wanampi Tjukurpa" 2018. acrylic on linen, 59.8 x 48 inches

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Sydney Morning Herald
Brook Turner
May 4, 2019

Anna-Wili Highfield has eschewed the traditional gallery system with a trajectory that has taken her work from a local designer’s living room to the boutiques of Tiffany and Hermès.

Anna-Wili Highfield remembers the moment she realised she was staring a whole new world in the eye. It was early 2011, she was 30 and she had, she happily admits, lost control of her life. Newly pregnant, she was in the living room of her house in Sydney's inner west with her daughter, Matilda, who had just turned four, and her cousin, Xanthe Highfield. Not that maternity was the immediate issue. Matilda was the original love child, conceived shortly after Highfield and her partner, Simon Cavanough, met at Opera Australia, where she was an apprentice scenery painter and he a prop maker. The couple's son, Claude, was a long-planned addition to the family. 

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WISH Magazine, The Australian
Milanda Rout
3 May 2019

Two more generations of artists are following in the footsteps of patriarch John Olsen - and they're not shy when it comes to giving each other feedback.

"Your grand-père is going to be watching!? booms John Olsen to his 20-year-old granddaughter Camille Olsen-Ormandy as the pair pore over an art book and discuss the importance of learning to draw. Laughter erupts from one of Australia??s greatest living artists, as it does from his daughter Louise Olsen and her husband, Stephen Ormandy, the co-founders of Dinosaur Designs and artists in their own right. ??No pressure, no pressure,? quips Louise. ??He is watching, he is watching us all!?

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Vault Magazine
Tai Mitsuj
October, 2017

Pop culture and high art are unexpected sparring partners in the work of Philjames. Vault checks in with the Sydney artist whose practice owes as much to Tyler Durden as it does to Marcel Duchamp.

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Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship 20th anniversary

Art Guide
Steve Dow
11 April, 2018

The Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship turns 20 this year and Steve Dow took this opportunity to talk to three recipients, Tom Polo, Mitch Cairns and Sally Anderson, about travelling to Paris and the impact of the scholarship on their painting practices.

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Alan Jones | Dobell Drawing Prize


Congratulations to OLSEN Gallery artist Alan Jones whose work The Fire Trail 1 has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Dobell Drawing Prize.