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Rhys Lee

Colour Schemes

Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
John McDonald

The act of putting paint on canvas creates fascinating tensions between the cerebral, the sensual and the suggestive.

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Right Now Art - Double Take

Belle Magazine
Edited by Leta Keens
February 2007

Two terrific painting exhibitions are coming up at Sydney's Tim Olsen Gallery, there's Rhys Lee, named in Australian Art Collector's 50 Most Collectable Artists. His are lavish and exhilarating works, with a hint of underlying menace.

Paul Davies' intense, idiosyncratic and popular paintings in homage to modern architecture, not to mention pools, can be seen at the Paddington Street Gallery.

Paul Davies, Modern Copy Exterior, 2006 (left)

Rhys Lee, Gaggedfix#8, 2006 (above)

Rhys Lee

Australian Art Collector

50 Most Collectable Artists

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