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Laura Jones

Bleached | The Reef Through An Artist

Jack Schmidt
May 2017

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Laura Jones Bleached


Broadsheet Sydney
Molly Urquhart

Laura Jones' upcoming exhibition features a series of paintings and sculptures depicting the life and death of the Great Barrier Reef.

Read the full article on Broadsheet Sydney's website here.

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Laura Jones Bleached


OLSEN Gallery
March 20, 2017

Opening reception: Date TBC
Exhibition:17 May - 4 June 2017

OLSEN Gallery is pleased to present "Bleached," - new work by the Sydney-based,  Australian painter Laura Jones. 

With a series that is both timely and bittersweet, Laura Jones will bring the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney in May. Her second solo exhibition with OLSEN is an homage to the vast coral gardens Australians hold so dear. Known as one of Australia's most renowned floral still life painters, Jones' practice has dramatically shifted to life under the sea, after completing two residencies at Lizard and Heron Island this year. The artist's unique eye translates beautifully to painting the colours and textures of these precious underwater landscapes in the north. The show, titled "Bleached", looks at the impact of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef, drawing attention to the damage that has already been done, and inspires conversation about what we can do to save it.

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Laura Jones Bleached

Laura Jones - Bleached

The Design Files
Lucy Feagins
2 March 2017

Best known in recent years for her distinctive flower paintings, this year Sydney artist Laura Jones explores emotive new territory.

With an urge to learn more about the Great Barrier Reef's devastating mass bleaching event of 2016, Laura sought out a residency on Lizard Island, and then more recently on Heron Island. Painting in close proximity to the reef, and meeting the dedicated scientists who study it, has inspired a spectacular new series of paintings for Laura.

We talked with Laura ahead of her upcoming exhibition ‘Bleached‘ at Olsen Gallery in Sydney, opening mid-May.

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Laura Jones Bleached

Bleached: Laura Jones

The Guardian
Michael Slezak
30 December 2016

The artist says her undeniably sad portraits of bleached coral on the Great Barrier Reef are about resilience: ‘It’s not a fragile delicate flower … it’s so important to be optimistic and do what we can to protect it’

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Laura Jones Bleached