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Anna-Wili Highfield

Anna-Wili Highfield on her artist practice, social media and her new exhibition Companions

Jen Nurick
12 November 2019

Ahead of her exhibition, artist Anna-Wili Highfield chats to Vogue. 

Sydney-born artist Anna-Wili Highfield, who most recently showed her work at the Olsen Gruin Gallery in New York City, is gearing up for her first solo exhibition in an Australian commercial gallery.

The sculptor, who deploys materials like paper and wax to create animal and nature-inspired pieces, will present her exhibition Companions at the Olsen Gallery in Sydney’s Woollahra on Thursday, November 14.

Ahead of the exhibition, Vogue chatted to the artist whose commissions have transcended the art world (Highfield counts luxury fashion and jewellery houses Hermès and Tiffany & Co. as just some of her clients) about her inspirations, her interests in natural phenomena and what she’s working on next.


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Sydney Morning Herald
Brook Turner
May 4, 2019

Anna-Wili Highfield has eschewed the traditional gallery system with a trajectory that has taken her work from a local designer’s living room to the boutiques of Tiffany and Hermès.

Anna-Wili Highfield remembers the moment she realised she was staring a whole new world in the eye. It was early 2011, she was 30 and she had, she happily admits, lost control of her life. Newly pregnant, she was in the living room of her house in Sydney's inner west with her daughter, Matilda, who had just turned four, and her cousin, Xanthe Highfield. Not that maternity was the immediate issue. Matilda was the original love child, conceived shortly after Highfield and her partner, Simon Cavanough, met at Opera Australia, where she was an apprentice scenery painter and he a prop maker. The couple's son, Claude, was a long-planned addition to the family. 

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