Ann Thomson
Deluxe Limited Edition Book

Author Anna Johnson
Publisher Tim Olsen Editions
Published in 2012

Price A$ 350
All prices are exclusive of P&H

  Represented in most major public collections as well as significant private Australian and international collections, Thomson's work is distinguished by a singular eye for a raggered drawn line and mutable energy in her use of paint. Her most recent work presents an explosion of colour and fluid form.
‘Her works make no attempt to reproduce for the viewer the world of visual objects and phenomena. What they offer us instead is the energetic act of creation itself, as it emerges from the artist’s consciousness and impinges on the sheet, or canvas, as brushstrokes, layers of paint, the illusionary play between two-dimensional space and three-dimensional apprehension, the immediate revisioning of accident as necessary choice. Everything depends here on the sureness of the painter’s gestures as she breaks, stroke by stroke, into the stillness of empty space.’
                                                                                                                        - David Malouf
‘Abstract Expressionism is a language which, given the commitment, experience and talent of an artist of Ann Thomson’s calibre, grows ever stronger, deeper and subtler, and engenders its own ‘beautiful atmosphere of reflection’ – where (to adapt one of de Kooning’s most famous statements) ‘an artist can practice her intuition.’
                                                                                                                       - Terence Maloon
'And then there was Ann’s work, which was like an invitation to the voyage…
Ann’s work is able to communicate with the deepest part of oneself: it is gutsy, instinctive, incisive, meaty, violent, ruddy, magnetic… it has an energy well beyond the norm. It scratches, bites and brands… it is music, it is a symphony. Brute matter making sounds, circulating, vibrating… there is an inexpressible desire to touch, to reorient her work to
the floor, to see it from all sides.'
                 - Stephane Jacob, Galerie Arts D'Australie, Paris

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