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David Band

Gourmet Traveller
Pat Nourse
July 2011

Tribute – Vale David Band

The late David Band left a distinct stamp on graphic design in Australian restaurants, writes Michael Harden.

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Inside Out Magazine
Lainey George

Art, design and family come together in painter David Band's Melbourne home and studio, providing inspiration for his fertile mind.

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The Daily Telegraph

When an earthquake struck while costume’ designer Jodie Fried was in India she did what she could to help. Meeting women with excellent textile skills, her business Bholu was born. Using designs created by children, she produced cushions, throws and soft toys made by local women. Money is used to support the community. To date nine schools have been built. Colour bind.. As a big fan of David Band I would take anything from his painting collection. This one particularly strikes a chord. I love the mix of red, pink and orange. David Band, Acid Tongue #3, 2010, $9900 from Tim Olsen Gallery.

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