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Art Collector
Emily Cones-Browne
11 July 2018

With New York Gallery Olsen Gruin hitting the 18-months open mark, Emily Cones-Browne talks to Australian dealer and co-director Tim Olsen about going international.

Olsen Gruin has hit the 18-month mark since opening its first doors. What are some of the winning hallmarks the gallery has experienced during the first 18 months ?
The surprising thing about the New York experience is that I had no idea it was going to happen. It was only because my sister was moving her business that we had the opportunity for a pop-up. What began as an experiment was such a resounding success, it felt as though we had a place in the New York art scene.

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What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week

The New York Times
Martha Schwendener, Jason Farago, Will Heinrich and Jillian Steinhauer
June 20, 2018

Extract: 'Beyond the Veil’

Through July 8. Olsen Gruin, 30 Orchard St., Manhattan; 646-613-7011,

Who gets to narrate history? Who gets to represent whom? These questions have been roiling the American art world lately, but they are nothing new in Australia — especially in regard to its indigenous population, who faced official efforts to erase their culture well into the 20th century through forced assimilation. Visual art has provided a crucial tool to help redress these erasures, and at this New York outpost of a Sydney gallery, the paintings by five women from central Australia, and one collaborative group, testify to the vibrancy of Aboriginal Australian art and the necessity of speaking for yourself.

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The Approval Matrix

New York Magazine
June 2018

The Approval Matrix - Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies...

BRILLIANT - The breathtaking small survey of Aboriginal art "Beyond the Veil" at Olsen Gruin gallery.

“Beyond the Veil” at Olsen Gruin

Arte Fuse
Jonathan Goodman
9 June 2018

So, there is something that holds true in a show like this, which presupposes a different way of looking at society because of the long reach of the West's current obsession with money. Clearly, affluence is not a major interest of the women in this show, who live in the central desert of Australia and who work on paintings that, despite their abstraction, remain close to their lives. This is a different cry by far from the recent dot paintings of Damien Hirst, whose probable appropriation-we are not certain this is true-looks like very much like the theft of a venerable art coming from a culture some 100,000 years old. Hirst's borrowings do tend to look facile in light of the greater gravitas of the indigenous women's works, which can be understood by Western viewers-albeit on a level likely more superficial than the paintings themselves. In any case, the controversy raises real issues about the appropriation of other cultures-a hallmark of Western art practice since the beginnings of modernism, when Picasso made use of African masks for his work Les demoiselles d'Avignon.


May 16 – July 8, 2018
-Jonathan Goodman

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Three Sentence Reviews of Marlene Dumas, Dan Colen, and 11 Other Art-World Big Shots
Jerry Saltz
May 31, 2018

To coincide with several big art fairs and last week’s massive auctions, many larger galleries mounted shows of their bigger artists. So let’s read the tea leaves on the upper end of the food chain.

Extract:  Beyond the Veil
Curated by Adam Knight
Olden Gruin

No doubt many of the bigwigs in town for all the art stars, megagalleries and super-auctions, missed maybe the best secret show in New York at the moment, this six-artist exhibition of Australian Aboriginal women painters curated by the president of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia — a show that gives us a breathtaking small survey of what critic Robert Hughes (who in almost every case except this I disagreed with) called “the last great art movement of the twentieth century.”

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“Beyond The Veil” at Olsen Gruin, New York

Blouin ArtInfo
May 29, 2018

Olsen Gruin is currently hosting a group exhibition titled "Beyond The Veil."

Until July 8, 2018, Olsen Gruin will host an exhibition that celebrates Aboriginal Australian artistic practices. “Beyond the Veil” features a group of contemporary Australian artists. It has been made possible by the gallery’s collaboration with the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia. The group show will be on view at the gallery’s New York venue.

This group exhibition of Central Desert Paintings has been curated by the President of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, Adam Knight. The anticipated show features select works by Emily Kame KngwarreyeEvelyn Pultara, Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi, Gayla Pwerle, Polly Ngale, and the Women’s Collaborative comprising Beverly Cameron, Kathy Marinkga, Imitjala Curley, and Tjangili George.

Featured: Untitled 1993 Emily Kame Kngwarreye Synthetic polymer paints on Belgian linen 23.6 x 35 inches (59.9 x 88.9 cm)

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Beyond the Veil
Emerald Gruin
13 May 2018

Olsen Gruin is pleased to present Beyond the Veil, a group exhibition of Central Desert Paintings curated by the President of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, Adam Knight. The anticipated show features select works by Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Evelyn Pultara, Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi, Gayla Pwerle, Polly Ngale, and the Women’s Collaborative comprising Beverly Cameron; Kathy Marinkga, Imitjala Curley, and Tjangili George, and will be on view from May 16 – July 8, 2018.
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Beyond the Veil x Adam Knight
7 May 2018

Olsen Gruin is pleased to present Beyond the Veil, a group exhibition of Western Desert Paintings curated by the President of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, Adam Knight.

The anticipated show features select works by Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Evelyn Pultara, Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi, Gayla Pwerle, Polly Ngale, and the Women's Collaborative comprising Beverly Cameron; Kathy Marinkga, Imitjala Curley, and Tjangili George, and will be on view from May 16 - July 8, 2018.
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Did Damien Hirst Rip Off Aboriginal Australian Artists’s Work?
April 3, 2018

Australian artists and dealers claim ‘uncanny’ similarities between Hirst’s ‘Veil Paintings’ and landscapes of the late Emily Kame Kngwarrey.

Damien Hirst’s ‘Veil Paintings’ works – recently on show at Gagosian Gallery, Los Angeles (ranging from USD$500,000 to $1.7 million) – have come under fire for their similarity to the work of female Aboriginal artists, including Emily Kame Kngwarreye, who died in 1996.

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Stephen Ormandy “Only Dancing”

SURFACE MAGAZINE Weekend Cheat Sheet
Surface Editors
March 5

Stephen Ormandy “Only Dancing”
Olsen Gruin
OPENS: March 7
The Lower East Side gallery presents a collection of new abstract oil on linen paintings and resin sculptures by Australian artist Stephen Ormandy, co-founder/creative designer of Dinosaur Designs.

Christopher Hart Chambers
February 2018

Christopher Hart Chambers reviews Anna-Willi Highfield‘s exhibition Spirit Faces at Olsen Gruin Gallery in New York City.

Up front by the gallery's storefront window on the Orchange Street strip on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which is now perhaps the premier location for current fine art, stands a construction of sheet brass shards, with straight, think brass rods projecting outwards in all directions, extending like rays of light or exclamation points.

Spirit Faces: Anna-Wili Highfield’s First Show at Olsen Gruin Gallery NYC

Yellowtrace (
19 February 2018

After a 10-plus year hiatus, Australian artist Anna-Wili Highfield has returned with a collection of mixed media sculptures. Titled ‘Spirit Faces’, the sculptures are currently being shown at Olsen Gallery’s New York City outpost, Olsen Gruin.

The show is Anna’s first fully conceived body of work in over a decade and follows on from the gallery’s calendar of other strong shows representing some pretty excellent Australian artists: Stephen Ormandy, George Byrne, Leila Jeffreys, and the super cool TV Moore.

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Anna-Wili Highfield: Spirit Faces at Olsen Gruin Gallery

Arts Summary - A Visual Journal
February 1, 2018

"Olsen Gruin is pleased to present Spirit Faces, an installational exhibition of new sculptures by Australian artist Anna-Wili Highfield (b. 1980, Sydney). Highfield's first fully conceived body of work in a decade, Spirit Faces gathers a celebratory mélange of animals, body parts, and self-portraits. Virtuosic and playful, Highfield's mixed media sculptures reach new heights of exuberance and material imagination.

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Anna-Wili Highfield’s Spirit Faces
February 1, 2018

A selection of thought-provoking, mixed media sculptures.

After the clean and minimal photographs of sunny LA which provided a vibrant glimpse into the urban landscape of California, New York-based gallery Olsen Gruin presents the work of a strikingly different artist. Anna-Wili Highfield‘s Spirit Faces exhibition features mixed media sculptures that create an intriguing collection. Made of a blend of glamorous materials, brass, and spray painting finishes, the intricate artworks draw the viewer closer. Animals and body parts combine in carefully shaped sculptures that often remind of a self-portrait.

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'Jens Einhorn: Raw Vision' at Olsen Gruin, New York
January 30, 2018

Olsen Gruin is currently hosting a solo exhibition by Jens Einhorn, titled "Raw Vision."

The exhibition presents a collection of new collage-paintings by the German artist. Einhorn's body of work reveals his interest in channeling the assertive energy of the urban periphery. His new works incorporate shapes cut from tarpaper, layered starkly above a vibrant collage of fabric, acrylic, and spray paint. Similar to how associating our personal memories gives meaning to others' discarded objects, Einhorn's collages are full of suggestion and opportunity.

Born in 1980, Jens Einhorn graduated from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf as a Master Student with Professor Tal R. The artist currently lives and works in Berlin.

The exhibition will be on view through February 5, 2018 at Olsen Gruin, 30 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002, USA.

Butt Naked Salon: art, music and nudity collide in deeply moving performance
Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore
December 1, 2017

A string quartet plays and a nude model poses as an artist paints the walls, in an ephemeral happening in Sydney inspired by the Parisian Belle Époque

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an Jones – the artist, not the shock jock – squeezes paint out of a tube, mixes it with water, and lifts a fat, unwieldy brush to the wall. We are in Potts Point, Sydney, and Jones is making a mural inside the hallowed Yellow House.

He is not alone. Generating music that feeds his rhythm is a live quartet; watching him is a small audience; and, arched over a black plinth, long dark hair cascading down her bare back, is a naked muse.

I am at the opening night of the Sydney Art Quartet’s Butt Naked Salon II, a re-working of the same concept first launched last year, inspired by the salons in the Belle Époque period in Paris.

Image: ‘The night is a blank canvas – anything can go,’ says artist Alan Jones. Photograph: Barnaby Wilshier

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The rebirth of coo: reconsidering the pigeon - in pictures
26 October 2017

Australian photographer Leila Jeffreys focuses on diversity within bird species, and these wildly colourful portraits belie the lowly reputation of the pigeon.

Nicobar Pigeon These striking portraits of the pigeons and doves of New Guinea and Australia form part of Leila Jeffreys’ current exhibition, Ornithurae Volume 1, at Olsen Gruin, New York, until 12 November. The captions below are from an accompanying essay, Reconsider the Pigeon, by biologist Tim Low. All photographs: Leila Jeffreys 

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Leila Jeffreys - Ornithurae
11 October 2017

OLSEN GRUIN is pleased to present “Ornithurae” a new selection of work by the Australian artist, photographer and environmentalist Leila Jeffreys.

Jeffreys has photographed native birds in her home country and the US (she was personally invited to shoot at Ojai Raptor Center, a sanctuary for wounded birds in California). Her unique work has featured everything from budgies to eagles; wrens to pigeons; cockatoos to hawks.

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Olsen Gruin and Brooke Shields invite you to the opening of
Opening: Friday 13 October, 5–8pm
Exhibition continues until 12th November

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George Byrnes ‘New Order’ Photographs Idealize LA Light
Alina Cohen
September 13, 2017

The clean lines and colorful, minimal shapes in George Byrne’s photographs belie the busy, messy time in Los Angeles that led to their making. The Australian-born Byrne arrived in the city in 2010, after years of traveling. “I was personally in a very strange place when I got here,” he says. “No idea what I was doing with my life.”

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Art Talk | George Byrnes

My Design Alley
Hande Renshaw
Sep 13, 2017

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George Byrne's photographic work makes my heart skip a beat. Using the urban Los Angeles landscape as his canvas, George captures forms and colour into unique compositions so they have an incredible alchemy and depth. His latest exhibition, NEW ORDER, includes twelve new works, capturing new compositions of color and geometric forms on the streets of LA - once again taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.

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